Have you done work or supplied goods you haven’t been paid for?

Want legal help with your debt recovery but at a reasonable price?

Wish there was an easy way to recover your debt?

Unpaid invoices damage cash flow. In turn this can starve your business of its ability to invest and grow.

Debts can be hard to collect. Firstly there’s the relationship. No-one wants to damage the relationship with their client or customer and risk losing future business or custom. Secondly there’s the cost. Lawyers aren’t cheap. Thirdly there’s the delay – Court action takes time.

CG Collect provides the solution:

  • We’re an Australia wide service that takes a professional approach to maintain your relationship, recover your debt as quickly as possible and keep costs down.
  • Our affordable service involves a lawyer approved letter of demand that will quickly and simply show your debtor that you’re serious about recovering your money.
  • Our team are highly skilled at holding debtors accountable for their debts.
  • Our technology is highly automated yet personalised, which means we’re able to engage with the right person in the right way to maximise the chances of debt recovery.
  • Our systems are designed by lawyers, and supported by a commercial law firm, so the finest methods of encouraging payment are utilized with excellent results.
  • If legal proceedings are necessary, lawyers are on standby at any time.

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